Face au silence de l’administration américaine dans la crise humanitaire qui va affecter des centaines de milliers de personnes dont des Dominicains d’origine haïtienne, InfoHaiti.net a  sollicité et obtenu finalement ce matin la position du gouverment des Etats-Unis à travers la note suivante.

“ The United States is concerned that eligible individuals may not have had sufficient time to access the naturalization process and have their claims adjudicated.

We continue to stress the importance of transparent communication, clear protocols, and adequate time and resources for the processing of individuals during the regularization and naturalization processes.

The Government of the Dominican Republic has said publicly that no mass deportations will take place.  We are monitoring the situation closely and actively engaging with the Government of the Dominican Republic, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the international community to stress that any actions should be conducted in a manner consistent with the Dominican Republic’s international legal obligations and commitments.

The United States has consistently urged Dominican authorities to address the issues faced by persons at risk of statelessness in a manner that respects their human rights and is consistent with the Dominican Republic’s international commitments and obligations.  We also encourage the Government of the Dominican Republic to consult and collaborate with civil society groups and international organizations in order to maximize its outreach to affected populations.

We continue to work with the Government of Haiti to encourage them to expeditiously process the large numbers of Haitians in the Dominican Republic requiring identity documents so they can pursue their applications for regularization.

The United States is funding two programs to assist with the acquisition of documentation to document claims to citizenship.  We are funding the International Organization for Migration that assists undocumented migrants with the document requirements, and funded technical assistance to expand the work and document process at the Regularization Centers. “

Julia Straker, State Department spokesperson


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