When President Trump announced precipitously that he would unilaterally terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians who had sought residency in the US after the horrific earthquake and deport them instantaneously, he was roundly condemned by many of us for his cruelty.

Similarly, we should equally condemn The Bahamas government for its heartlessness in deporting Haitians many of whom barely survived Hurricane Dorian and were traumatized as a consequence. I am also extremely troubled that some who are being deported were born in the Bahamas and have known no other home.

When Hurricane Dorian devastated The Bahamas, as a Caribbean native, I was proud to lead the effort to secure urgent medical and other supplies for Bahamians in their time of need. I now sit deeply bothered by the news of the disgusting treatment by The Bahamas government of Haitians who are their fellow Caribbean nationals.

I therefore join the International Organization for Migration and other humanitarian groups in condemning this heartless action.

Kenrick W. Clifton
Town Councilor
Randolph, Massachusetts.


M. Kenrick W. Clifton était l'invité de Ronald Bernard à l'Emission "Dialogue with the Candidates" sur MCTV Boston.




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