Open Letter To The Secretary Of State,

Mike Pompeo

May 11, 2019

Honorable Pompeo,

The New England Human Rights Organization (NEHRO), a Human Rights Organization, based in Boston , Massachusetts, is writing this letter to bring to your attention the unrest situation in Haiti fabricated by the Haitian Government to scare the haitian society in using any methods of violence to prevent the people from demonstrating in the street.

In fact, Honorable Pompeo, the President of Haiti and certain members of his government are engaged in delinquent behaviors by arming gangsters and thugs to kill innocent people in the most vulnerable areas of the country. During the second week of November 2018, a massacre took place in “ La Saline”, a poor neighboor in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where over 70 people where killed and  their houses were burned to the ground. Currently, and they are homeless. As a matter of fact, Honorable Pompeo, a report made public by The Central Direction of the Judiciary  Police (DCPJ) of Haiti implicated some officials who work for the President of Haiti of being the architects of this genocide. A warrant has been issued to FednelMonchery, the current Director of the Interior Minister as well as the representative of the President for the West part of Haiti. This is a state run by a corrupt Government and blood killers.

Again, Honorable Pompeo, the U.S Government is not preocuppied by the volatile situation of Haiti. Instead, those who violated the rights of the haitian people have been praised by the U.S administration in bringing support to them. Where is the outrage?

Where is the moral value which characterized the people of the United State of America? Do you happen to know, Mr. Pompeo, that the haitian Government is trafficking guns and giving them to thugs and gangs in Haiti? Arnel Joseph, a criminal has, not only heavy arms, but also an army of people recruted to work for him They are also feed by and they operate without any respect for the rule of law. How is he supported? By members of a corrupt Government, Congress, and other parties in the private sector. Killing innocent people and undermining the institutions of the country become the norms in Haiti. Also, the lives of two human rights advocates in Haiti are in grave danger. Attorney Gedeon Jean was visciously attacked by the sbires of former Haitian President Joseph Michel Martelly inside Radio Caraibes and no action has been taken by the judiciary system. Pierre Lesperance, from RNDDH has been receiving death threats.

As U.S citizens, as defenders of human rights, we ask you, Honorable Secretary of State, to denounce the haitian Government and stop giving support to a corrupt and brutal administration which massacres its own people. The haitian people deserve better!


Best regards,

Josue Renaud, MS MED                        Bishop Nicolas Homicil

President of (NEHRO)                          Chairman

CC: Nancy Peloci, Speaker of the House

UN General Secretary

OAS General Secretary

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